PhD students

Student Project title

PhD Programme


Bruno Couto   Doctorate in Applied and Engineering Physics (DAEPHYS)

Prof. Dr. António Amorim (FCUL)

Prof. Dr. Paulo Romeu (FCUL)

Prof. Dr. Dawei Liang

Carolina Adame

Ion Trap for Total and Partial Pressure Measurement

Physics Engineering


Prof. Dr. Orlando Teodoro

Dr. Martin Wüest (INFICON)

Hugo Costa

Multibeam solar laser station with a Fresnel lens for the most efficient and cost-effective TEM00-mode laser power production

Physics Engineering


Prof. Dr. Dawei Liang

Dra. Joana Almeida


João Araújo

 Application specific integrated-circuit (ASIC) for model predictive control (MPC) targeting spectroscopic applications

Electrical and Computer Engineering


Prof. Dr. Filipe Ferreira da Silva

Prof. Dr. Bruno Guerreiro (FCT-NOVA)

Prof. Dr. Luís Oliveira (FCT-NOVA)


Miguel Catela 

 Advancements in Nd:YAG solar laser stability under solar tracking error conditions

Physics Engineering


Prof. Dr. Dawei Liang

Dra. Cláudia Vistas


Ricardo Silva

 Manómetro de Ionização de Cátodo Quente de Alta Estabilidade

Physics Engineering


Dr. Nenad Bundaleski

Prof. Dr. Orlando Teodoro


Rodrigo Rodrigues

Fragmentation pathways of astrochemical relevant molecules probed by low energy electron interactions Radiation Biology and Biophysics (RaBBiT) Prof. Dr. Filipe Ferreira da Silva
Susana Monteiro    Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering Prof. Dr. Orlando Teodoro