Message from the CEFITEC coordinator

2020-21 Activity Report


This report summarizes the activity of CEFITEC, the Centre of Physics and Technological Research of Nova School of Science and Technology for the years 2020 and 2021. It includes not only the scientific advances achieved by our researchers, but also their engagement in advanced training, dissemination and technology transfer. It provides a quick overview of the research unit, ongoing projects, raised funding and internationalization level.

This report also discloses how the research carried out by CEFITEC impacts on society and what its benefits are for the community. Such impact has been reached not only through the scientific achievements, but also by advanced training of young people and close collaboration with various industrial partners.

The bibliometric indicators presented in this report show the high scientific level of its members and of the research unit as a whole, leaving CEFITEC at the same normalized level as the best research units of the Nova University of Lisbon and of Portugal.

In June 2021 CEFITEC underwent a reorganization process with some colleagues moving to another research unit. Therefore, this report only covers the activity of integrated researchers active at the end of 2021.

It’s my great pleasure to lead this team of highly motivated students and researchers and to follow their continuous progresses in science and technology. This strong motivation is the reason for our international recognition and our success in attracting new collaborations, more funding and new talented students. It is very accomplishing to see masters and doctoral students succeeding as scientists and as engineers after developing their skills at CEFITEC along their training program in the state of the art of science and technology. It's also great to witness industrial partners seeking CEFITEC for support on specific issues or looking for specialized services.

The ongoing projects and the current perspectives of new projects suggest an increase in the pace of CEFITEC for the coming years, as long as the contractual instability of some researchers is resolved. We are a determined team committed to seeking excellence and to making our best contribution to the development of the country and to the progress of science and technology in general.


Orlando Teodoro