Services: METROVAC

METROVAC is the Vacuum Technology and Metrology Laboratory of CEFITEC. It is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for calibration and testing. This accreditation means that our capabilities are internationally recognized after the annual audits by IPAC to check the compliance with the technical and quality management accreditation requirements.

Actual accredited services of CEFITEC are:

  • Calibration of vacuum gauges.
  • Calibration of reference leaks.
  • Testing of refrigerant gas leak detectors.


METROVAC is also a hub for other services offered by CEFITEC to the community and to scientific partners, as:

  • Design/manufacture of refrigerant reference leaks
  • Permeation tests.
  • Leak testing.
  • Surface analysis by XPS and SIMS.
  • Consultancy in vacuum technology.


METROVAC is engaged in research in topics related to vacuum metrology and ultra-low flow measurements. This includes health & safety aspects related to the introduction of hydrogen in the gas grid, the transport of gases through cork and development of new instruments to measure low pressures.



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