Joana Almeida

Junior Researcher

242 - Ed. I


Research Areas

I´ve obtained my Ph.D. degree in Physics Engineering from Universidade NOVA de Lisboa in 2017. During my research career in the Laser Technology Group of CEFITEC, on the framework of the PhD fellowship grant (SFRH/BD/90410/2012), I´ve contributed significantly to the main advances in solar-pumped laser efficiency and beam quality, some of which have gained international recognition. I´ve also participated actively in eight projects financed by SFERA Horizon 2020 in PROMES-CNRS solar facilities since 2011. Currently, I hold a FCT junior research position on solar-pumped lasers and I´m in charge of an exploratory project EXPL/FIS-OTI/0332/2021. With this project, our research team aims to develop a prototype for the simultaneous pumping of several laser crystals with a broader absorption spectrum in the visible region, through concentrated solar energy. This will allow the simultaneous emission of multiple solar laser beams with enhanced thermal performance and efficiency, which may pave the way for the future application of this renewable technology.

Main publications


Almeida, J.; Liang, D.; Garcia, D.; Tibúrcio, B. D.; Costa, H.; Catela, M.; Guillot, E.; Vistas, C. R. 40 W continuous wave Ce:Nd:YAG solar laser through a fused silica light guide. Energies 15, 3998 (2022).


Almeida, J.; Liang, D.; Costa, H.; Garcia, D.; Tibúrcio, B. D.; Catela, M.; Vistas, C. R. Seven-rod pumping concept for simultaneous emission of seven TEM00-mode solar laser beams. J. Photonics Energy 10, 038001 (2020). JPE cover


Almeida, J.; Liang, D.; Tibúrcio, B. D.; Garcia, D.; Vistas, C. R. Numerical modeling of a four-rod pumping scheme for improving TEM 00 -mode solar laser performance. J. Photonics Energy 9, [018001] (2019). Featured in JPE


Liang, D.; Almeida, J.; Vistas, C. R.; Guillot, E. Solar-pumped Nd:YAG laser with 31.5 W/m2 multimode and 7.9 W/m2 TEM00-mode collection efficiencies. Sol. Energy Mater. Sol. Cells 159, 345-349 (2017). Featured in Laser Focus World and Renewable Energy Global Innovations


Almeida, J.; Liang, D.; Vistas, C. R.; Bouadjemine, R.; Guillot, E. (2015). 5.5 W continuous-wave TEM00-mode Nd:YAG solar laser by a light-guide/2V-shaped pump cavity. Appl. Phys. B: Lasers and Optics 121, 473-482 (2015).


Almeida, J.; Liang, D.; Guillot, E.; Abdel-Hadi, Y. A 40 W cw Nd:YAG solar laser pumped through a heliostat: A parabolic mirror system. Laser Phys. 23, [065801] (2013). Featured in Laser Phys. Highlights of 2013


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