Do you know that...


CEFITEC participates in a European project that will study the impact of cosmic and ultraviolet radiation on the environment and human health.


The MetCCUS project, with participation of CEFITEC, aims to create metrology frameworks for carbon capture, utilisation and storage to help Europe reach carbon neutrality.


Cork stoppers may leak without a lubricating coating. METROVAC entered into a research contract to investigate the impact of various coatings on the sealing properties of natural (single piece) cork stoppers.


CEFITEC researchers reported stable solar laser emissions with high tracking error compensation capacity which may help to extend the applicability of this renewable technology either on Earth or in Space.


The four-Ce:Nd:YAG solar laser of the laser technology group was selected to be installed in Mont Louis solar furnace museum in France in 2023, which will create an important societal impact.


The project Wireless charging of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles by solar-pumped laser, proposed by Dawei Liang, was selected by NOVA impACT! Challenges competition program to support the development of impactful solutions putting knowledge and innovation at the service of society.


The work developed at CEFITEC in 2022-2023 had contributed to seven sustainable development goals (SDG) of the 2030 Agenda.


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