The European projects MetCCUS and BIOSPHERE, each with two million euros in funding, include the participation of CEFITEC researchers.


The first textbook on Solar-Pumped Lasers (312 pages) written by five CEFITEC members was published by Springer-Nature.


Breakthroughs on solar-pumped laser collection and solar-to-laser conversion efficiencies were spotlighted by the editors of Laser Focus World and SPIE.



CEFITEC researchers authored three cover page publications.


CERN is funding a new project for “Improving of carbon-based low secondary electron yield coatings” in a consortium led by CEFITEC.



CEFITEC is in the European consortium “Metrology for decarbonising the gas grid” which will support the transition from natural gas to hydrogen in the European gas networks.


New cork stopper branded “Naturity” was released in 2021 by the world’s largest manufacturer of cork stoppers after a technology license issued by FCT NOVA and CEFITEC.



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