Transfer Technology

Patented technology for TCA extraction was introduced by Amorim Top Series

Amorim Top Series has adopted a patented TCA extraction technology developed at CEFITEC for their bartop cork stoppers. This innovative process utilizes heated organic solvents to extract TCA (2,4,6-trichloroanisole) from natural cork stoppers, fully preserving their mechanical properties.

The industrial pilot installation initiated extensive tests in 2022, successfully reaching its full production capacity in 2023. This milestone marks the realization of TRL (Technology Readiness Level) 7, showcasing the system's demonstration in an operational environment.


Commercially available high accuracy ionization gauge

A revolutionary ionization gauge was developed in the frame of a European consortium, to provide accurate measurements of high vacuum (10-4 mbar to 10-8 mbar) with a precision of ± 1% for a known gas. This project had the collaboration of two leading manufacturers of vacuum equipment. This new gauge is now commercially available (the model IRG080, Inficon).

The same design was used to submit an ISO Standard (ISO TS 6737:2023) entitled “Characteristics for a stable ionisation vacuum gauge” in collaboration with the ISO Technical committee 112 – Vacuum Technology.