Dawei Liang

Associate Professor

242 - Ed. I

(+351) 21 294 85 76 10528

Research Areas

The conversion of solar radiation into laser radiation by solar pumping is of increasing importance because free broadband sunlight can be converted into amazing laser light, which is a source of narrowband, collimated radiations with extremely high brightness and intensity. Our solar laser laboratory at New University of Lisbon was established a decade ago, embarking on a challenging journey to significantly improve both solar-to-laser conversion efficiency and the output beam quality of solar-pumped lasers. Thanks to a huge amount of painstaking research efforts, we have attained some international recognitions and highlights.

Main publications

Dawei Liang, Joana Almeida, Cláudia R.Vistas and Emmanuel Guillot; “Solar-pumped Nd:YAG laser with 31.5 W/m2 multimode and 7.9 W/m2 TEM00-mode collection efficiencies”; SOL. ENERG. MAT. SOL. CELLS, 159, (2017), 435–439.

Dawei Liang and Joana Almeida; “Solar-pumped TEMoo mode Nd:YAG laser”; OPT. EXPRESS, 21, (2013); 25107–25112.

Dawei Liang, Joana Almeida and Emmanuel Guillot; “Side-pumped continuous-wave Cr:Nd:YAG ceramic solar laser “; APPL. PHYS. B - Lasers and Optics, 111, (2013), 305-311.

Dawei Liang and Joana Almeida; “Design of ultra-high brightness solar-pumped disk laser”; APPL. OPT., 51, (2012), 6382-6388.

Dawei Liang and Joana Almeida; “Highly efficient solar-pumped Nd:YAG laser”; OPT. EXPRESS, 19, (2011); 26399-26405.