Overview (2022-2023)

 CEFITEC pursued an active scheme on advanced scientific and technological training allowing students and members on their early stage careers to be taught along side with the most recent developments a par with international standards. 

In these last two years, CEFITEC have been involved in six doctoral programs, covering a total of 14 PhD projects. Of special relevance was the engagement of CEFITEC in the coordination of the international doctoral program RaBBiT - Radiation Biology and Biophysics Doctoral Training Program.

Most of the PhD students were awarded scholarships by the national funding agency FCT IP in competitive calls. Moreover, three post-doctoral research positions were also funded by FCT IP. 



RABBIT Research Team

  • Alice Pereira  [alice.pereira@fct.unl.pt] - Department of Chemistry, FCT NOVA
  • Gustavo García  [g.garcia@csis.es] - Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), Spain
  • Jimena Diaz Gorfinkiel  [jimena.gorfinkiel@open.ac.uk] - The Open University, UK
  • Kevin Prise  [k.prise@qub.ac.uk] - Queen's University Belfast, UK
  • Nigel Mason  [nigel.mason@open.ac.uk] - The Open University, UK
  • Paulo Limão-Vieira [plimaovieira@fct.unl.pt] - Department of Physics, FCT NOVA
  • Pedro Tavares  [pedro.tavares@fct.unl.pt] - Department of Chemistry, FCT NOVA
  • Samuel Eden  [s.p.eden@open.ac.uk] - The Open University, UK
  • Stephan Denifl  [stephan.denifl@uibk.ac.at] - Universität Innsbruck, Austria