Applied Surface Science And Vacuum Technology And Metrology

Labs: 244 and 246, Ed. 1


2017  |  System for TCA extraction from cork (2,4,6 trichloroanisol)

Note: TCA is the source of common taint in wine

CEFITEC Prototype (Prof. Orlando Teodoro)


2017  |  Superheated water system to process cork



2017  |  Cylindrical Ionization gauge

CEFITEC Prototype (MSc. Ricardo Silva, Prof. Orlando Teodoro, Dr. Nenad Bundaleski)


2015  |  Mass spectrometry system for studies on cork desorption

Mass range 1 - 200 uma

CEFITEC Prototype (Prof. Orlando Teodoro, Prof.ª Ana Fonseca)


2015  |  Sensitivity testing system for refrigerant leak detectors



2015  |  Magnetic levitation - Cylindrical spinning rotor gauge

A new approach for vacuum measurement.

CEFITEC Prototype (MSc. Pedro Almeida, Prof. Orlando Teodoro)


2014  |  Experimental setup for the testing of the ion-conducting silver source (Rb Ag4 I5)

Coupled to TOF-SIMS VG Ionex

by Prof. Orlando Teodoro, Dr. Alexander Tolstogouzov


2013  |  Primary standard for reference leak calibration

(10-4 a 10-6 mbar.L.s-1)



2012  |  Experimental setup for Secondary Electron Yield (SEY) measurements

by Prof. Orlando Teodoro, Dr. Nenad Bundaleski


2011  |  Kratos XSAM 800

dedicated machine with Class 150 hemispheric analyzer

This equipment was obtained 2nd hand from the Gaule University (Sweden) and it was repaired and upgraded.

A fast entry lock chamber and a chamber to study catalysis are coupled to the System.


2011  |  Permeation cell for permeability measurements



2008  |  He leak detector Adixen and calibration standards for He leak calibration



2005  |  ToF-SIMS VG Ionex IX23LS

Liquid metal (Ga) ion gauge.

This equipment was obtained 2nd hand from the Surrey University and it was repaired and upgraded.

A fast entry lock chamber and a preparation chamber are coupled to the system.


2000  |  He leak detector Varian



1995  |  Gauge calibration set-up with rotor gauge and capacitance gauges



1994  |  Multi-technique Apparatus

This middle size UAV experimental set up was planned and built up at this Group's lab. It includes a VSW Class 100 Electrostatic analyzer, a Dual (Al, Mg) X-Ray source and an e-gun allowing X-Ray Photoelectron and Auger Spectroscopies (XPS and AES) and Work Function Microscopy (WFM). An Hiden Ar+ ion source allows Ion Scattering Spectroscopy (ISS or LEIS) and Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) with an Hiden quadrupole for positive and negative species with energy analysis by a Bessel box.

A fast entry lock chamber is coupled to the system. A sample Holder fr Fast Heating and Cooling Cycles was developed. A quartz crystal microbalance can be coupled. Gas adsorption and surface metal deposition sources can be used to modify the surface sample.

CEFITEC Prototype (Prof. Orlando Teodoro, Dr. Nenad Bundaleski)


1994  |  SUAC-Complete Ultra-High Vacuum system Leybold PV 450

Obtained through the RFA-Portugal agreement and transferred from the CFMUL/CI. Nowadays at the TMEF laboratory/ DF.




Atomic and Molecular Collisions

Lab: 123, Ed. 1


2018  |  Electron-molecule crossed beam experiment coupled with Reflectron Time-of-Flight mass spectrometer

CEFITEC (Prof. Filipe Ferreira da Silva's research team)


2004  |  Electron transfer experiment in neutral atom-neutral molecule collisions with a linear ToF mass analyzer

2012  |  Upgraded with a High-Resolution Mass Reflectron ToF Spectrometer

2016  |  Upgraded with an Energy Loss Analyzer

Crossed neutral beams experimental set-up to measure collision cross sections (10-1000 eV) equipped with a K+ energy loss analyzer. The potassium chamber is equipped wih a resonant charge exchange chamber to produce hyperthermal K neutral beams, with an energy resolution better than 0.5 eV, from a K+ commercial ion source. The collision chamber houses an effusive molecular oven for solid samples.

CEFITEC Prototype (Prof. Paulo Limão-Vieira's research team)


2016  |  He(I) Photo-electron spectroscopy PES experiment

This includes a Helium discharge map producing mainly a He a with 21.22 eV, a photoionization chamber and a 180º hemispherical analyzer.

This equipment was transferred from University of Liège (Belgium) and it was renewed.


2014  |  High Resolution Electron Energy Loss Spectrometer (HREELS)

Fully equipped with an electron monochromator delivering an energy resolution of 90-120 meV and an energy analyzer for scattered electrons from gaseous target molecules. The setup is also equipped with a relative flow technique to determine cross-section absolute values. The HREELS set up also runs in energy loss spectroscopy mode.

This equipment was transferred from University of Liège (Belgium) and it was renewed.




Laser Technology 

Lab: 242, Ed. 1


2012  |  Direct solar tracking system for solar laser

Located on the terrace of Chemistry Building.

CEFITEC Prototype (Prof. Dawei Liang, Dr.ª Joana Almeida)


2010  |  Solar energy collection and concentration system

Solar heliostat system

Precision mechanical system for solar laser heads

Outdoor solar laser laboratory - located near Building 7


2005  |  Several solar-pumped laser prototypes

by Prof. Dawei Liang and Dr.ª Joana Almeida


2005  |  One lamp-pumped laser prototype by light guides

by Prof. Dawei Liang



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