FCT NOVA researchers are published by Springer-Nature publishing house


As a result of the research carried out in 
RaBBiT PhD programme, the book “Radiation in Bioanalysis” was published internationally by the prestigious Springer-Nature.


Authors Alice S. Pereira, Pedro Tavares, and Paulo Limão-Vieira, who are lecturers and researchers at the Departments of Chemistry and Physics at FCT NOVA, introduce a unique perspective of spectroscopic techniques used in the analysis of biomolecules from small to big dimension and careful review state-of-the-art scientific and technological advances in electronic and nuclear spectroscopy. The book also puts forward a combined methodology between experimental results and modelling techniques and explores complementary methodologies for understanding and interpreting new results.


This book targets a large range of readers from different technical and scientific areas, who are interested in the covered techniques and methodologies.


The e-book is already available here and the print version will be internationally available on November 16.