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Researchers at CEFITEC showed that electrons with extremely low energy may induce damage in biological molecules which allows to understand some molecular mechanisms related to degenerative disorders.


Nanotechnology benefits from advances made by molecular physicists at CEFITEC on the comprehension and optimization of electron-beam-induced deposition technique.
Solar lasers do not require electric energy to generate a laser beam.


Solar lasers bring an important economic advantage for countries with high solar availability and for the future development of sustainable industrialization, either on Earth or in Space.

CEFITEC holds the world record in efficiency of solar lasers.
CEFITEC researchers have invented a process to remove from cork the major off-flavor found in wine, commonly known as TCA (2,4,6-trichloroanisole).
The valorization of cork products fights climate change, since cork oaks retain more CO2 than what is released during the manufacture of stoppers, leading to a negative carbon footprint.
In this way, replacement of cork stoppers by plastic stoppers is avoided.
CEFITEC holds an accredited laboratory for 20 years, offering its unique expertise in vacuum technology to the industry.
Forthcoming introduction of hydrogen in the European gas network brings new challenges in health & safety requirements and CEFITEC researchers are part of the international team tackling this problem.