Miguel Catela

PhD Student (SFRH/BD/145322/2019)
PhD Programme: Physics Engineering

242 - Ed. I


Research Areas

PhD Thesis: "Converting solar laser power into UV, VIS and IR laser power"

Adviser: Prof. Doutor Dawei Liang

We propose to build firstly a 3.14m2 area cutting-edge 3D Ring-Array-Concentrator (RAC) solar furnace with 5000K-class extreme temperature at its focal spot, based on which a new generation of 200W 755nm alexandrite, 60W 1064nm Nd:YAG and 40W 2um Tm:YAG solar lasers will consequently be designed and implemented. It will create Portuguese leadership in both novel 3D RAC solar furnaces and renewable laser stations with powerful solar laser sources emitting free laser radiations from 378nm UV, 532nm Green, 755nm Re d, 1064nm NIR, to 2um IR with unprecedented power level , providing a major leap in next generation solar laser technology with major environmental impact by harnessing free solar energy as the fundamental input source. The combination of 755nm, 1064nm and 2um solar laser beams by a prismatic device will lead us to a 300W class solar laser machin ing station with very promising future for demanding laser market.