André Wemans

Assistant Professor

255 - Ed. I
123 - Ed. I

(+351) 21 294 85 76 10528

Research Areas

Magnetron Abnormal Glow Discharges. Optical Emission Spectroscopy. Plasma and Thin Film Physics

Main publications

G. Aad, T. Abajyan, B. Abbott, et al., “Observation of a new particle in the search for the Standard Model Higgs boson with the ATLAS detector at the LHC,” Physics Letters B, vol. 716, no. 1, pp. 1–29, Sep. 2012

G. Aad, et al., "The ATLAS Experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider", Journal of Instrumentation, 3, (2008)

Y. Nunes, et al., "Dual DC magnetron cathode co-deposition of (Al,Ti) and (Al,Ti,N) thin films with controlled depth composition", Vacuum, 81, (11-12), 1503-1506 (2007)

Y. Nunes, A. Wemans, P. R. Gordo, M. R. Teixeira and M. J. P. Maneira, "Breakdown in planar magnetron discharges of argon on copper", Vacuum, 81, (11-12), 1511-1514 (2007)

J. G. Saraiva, A. Wemans, M. J. P. Maneira, A. Maio and J. Patriarca, "The aluminization of 600 k WLS fibers for the TileCal/ATLAS/LHC", Ieee Transactions on Nuclear Science, 51, (3), 1235-1241 (2004)