Ana Cristina Silva

Assistant Professor

214 - Ed. I
(+351) 21 294 85 76 10552

Research Areas

Applied nano-optics;  nanoelectronics; nanostructures and oxides. Surface, interface phenomena, enabling technologies.

Surface, interface and thin films characterization – electronic and optical properties.

Main publications

Silva, Ana G.; Pedersen, Kjeld; Li, Zheshen S.; et al.; “Photoelectron spectroscopy as an in situ contact-less method for studies of MOS properties of ultrathin oxides on Si”; Applied Surface Science; 353; (2015); 1208-1213.

Silva, Ana Gomes; Pedersen, Kjeld; Li, Zheshen; et al.; “Growth of aluminum oxide on silicon carbide with an atomically sharp interface”; J VAC SCI TECHNOL A; 35; (2017); 01B142.