Alexander Tolstoguzov

Associate Professor
Utkin Ryazan State Radio Engineering University, Russian Federation

Research Areas

Current Research Activities:

- Ion-beam sources for field emission electric propulsion (FEEP) and materials modification;

- Secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) and low-energy ion scattering (LEIS);

- Superionic solid electrolytes;

- Contact coatings for reed switches;

- Ion-surface interaction - sputtering, scattering, emission, charge exchange, surface polishing.

Main publications


Drozdov, M. N.; Ieshkin, A. E.; Streletskiy, O. A.; Nishchak, O. Yu.; Belykh, S. F.; Tolstoguzov, A. TOF-SIMS for carbon hybridization state analysis. Carbon 186, 83-90 (2022).


Korobeishchikov, N. G.; Nikolaev, I. V.; Atuchin, V. V.; Prosvirin, I. P.; Tolstogouzov, A.; Pelenovich, V.; Fu, D. J. Borate nonlinear optical single crystal surface finishing by argon cluster ion sputtering. Surf. Interfaces 27, 101520 (2021).


Abudouwufu, T.; Zhang, X.; Zuo, W.; Pelenovich, V.; Luo, J.; Lan, Y.; Tian, C.; Zou, C.; Tolstoguzov, A.; Fu, D. Crystal structure and copper ion emission properties of Rb4Cu16I7Cl13 solid electrolyte. Vacuum 196, 110742 (2022).


Gololobov, G. P.; Suvorov, D. V.; Karabanov, S. M.; Slivkin, E. V.; Tolstoguzov, A. An effect of Co–W barrier sublayer on the functional characteristics of Au–Ru contact coatingsCoatings 12, 161 (2022).


Mazarov, P.; Dudnikov, V. G.; Tolstoguzov, A. B. Electrohydrodynamic emitters of ion beams. Phys.-Uspekhi 63,1219-1255 (2020).


Zuo, W.; Pelenovich, V.; Tolstogouzov, A.; Zhang, R.; Zeng, X.; Abudouwufu, T.; Zhang, X.; Fu, D. J. Direct ion-beam deposition of Ag nanoparticles using a solid-state silver ion source. Vacuum 183, 109846 (2021).


Zeng, X.; Pelenovich, V.; Xing, B.; Rakhimov, R.; Zuo, W.; Tolstogouzov, A.; Liu, C.; Fu, D. J.; Xiao, X. Formation of nanoripples on ZnO flat surfaces and nanoroads by gas cluster ion bombardment. Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 11, 383-390 (2020).


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