Former Members

B.S. Degree in Engineering Physics

1. Fiber Optic Impact Sensor for Application to Smart Skins
     João Carlos Martins (1996),  19

2. Construction of a Solar-Pumped Laser by Using a Fresnel  Lens
     Rute Paula Godinho (1997), 18

3. Transmission and Concentration of Solar Energy by Optical Fibers
     Yuri Fonseca da Silva Nunes (1998),  20

4. Transmission of Solar Energy by Optical Fibers and a Telescope Type Concentrator
     Ricardo Santos da Fonseca (1998),  18

5. Transmission and Concentration of Solar Energy - Solar Laser by Fiber Optic Bundles
     Nuno Alexandre Pires (1999), 19

6. Transmission of 280W Solar Energy with a Fiber Optic Bundle
     Daniel Ferreira da Silva (2000), 19

7. Experimental and Theoretical Study of  800W Solar Energy Delivery with Fused Silica Light Guides
    Sandra Isabel Duarte (2000), 19

8. Construction of a Solar-Pumped Nd:YAG Laser Head
     João Carlos Trindade (2000), 19

9. Optimization of Nd:YAG Solar-Pumped  Lasers
     Pedro Henrique Bernardes (2001), 19

10.Nd: YAG Lamp-Pumped Laser by  Optical Fibers
     Rui Pedro Martins (2002), 19

11.Nd:YAG Solar-Pumped  Laser by Optical Fibers
      Raquel Margarida Mota (2002), 19      


M. Sc. Degree in Engineering Physics and Biomedical Engineering, FCT/New University of Lisbon


12.New Configurations of Solar-pumped Laser by a Light Guide Assembly
      Pedro Filipe Mendonça (2003), 19

13.New Pumping Methods  for Solar Lasers
      Paulo Jorge Velho (2005), 18

14.Improving the Performance of a Solid-State Solar Laser by using New Pumping Schemes
      Diana Nuno Pinto (2007), 18

15.Symmetric Pumping a Solid-State Laser using Curved Light Guides
       Diogo Bruno Tibúrcio , (2007), 18

16.Solar-Pumped Laser with a Light Guide Assembly Coupled to an Elliptical-Cylindrical Cavity   
       João Pedro Geraldes (2007), 19

17.Surgery Effects with Concentrated Solar Radiation
       Ricardo Miguel Capote (2008), 19

18.Study of  the Effects of Solar Light on Skin Wound Healing in an Animal Model
       Ana Roque Magarida (2008), 18

19.Nd: YAG Solar Laser Pumped by an Octogonal Light Guide
       Andreia Cristina Araújo (2009), 18

20.Technique of Color Separation for Photocoagulation with Concentrated Sunlight
       Nidia Isabel Batista (2009), 18

21.Phototherapy with an Array of Light Emitting Diodes(LEDs) Coupled to a Compact Concentrator
      Joana Isabel Almeida (2010), 17

22.Development of a fix solar concentrator for photo-stimulation
      Joana Brilhante Neves (2011) 17


Ph.D. Degree in Physics Engineering


1.   Engineer Rui P. Pereira
     FCT/UNL (2005-20010), (Completed in 2010) 
    "Advances in pumping schemes for thin disk lasers"
     (Fellow of the Foundation for Science and Technology)
     Supervisor: Dawei Liang (FCT/UNL) and Helena Gouveia (ISQ)

2.   Engineer Pedro  H. Bernardes
      FCT/UNL (2002-2007), (Completed in 2007)
    "Improving the Performance of cw Laser Operation with Light Guides”
     (Fellow of the Foundation for Science and Technology),
     Supervisor: Dawei Liang (FCT /UNL)

3.   Engineer Julio Chaves, IST/ UTL (Completed in 2002, Experimental Part)
      (Fellow of the Foundation for Science and Technology)