Advanced Training

CEFITEC pursues an active scheme on advanced scientific and technological trainning allowing students and members on their early stage careers to be taught along side with the most recent developments a par with international standards. Currently, CEFITEC hosts post-docs, researchers, an international doctoral programme and keeps regular and fruitfull interchange with several universities in Europe and overseas.

Briefly, CEFITEC's advanced training activities are:

  • Post-docs in Applied Physics, Surface Science, Atomic and Molecular Physics and Solar Laser;
  • International doctoral programme on Radiation Biology and Biophysics Doctoral Training Programme (RaBBiT)

Director: Paulo Limão-Vieira, CEFITEC, Department of Physics - FCT-UNL / Pedro Tavares, UCIBIO, Department of Chemistry - FCT-UNL / Alice S. Pereira, UCIBIO, Department of Chemistry - FCT-UNL

  • MSc programmes on scientific and technological themes within FCT/UNL;
  • Scientific and Technical Seminars;
  • Other advanced training programmes (summer schools, workshops, seminars and conferences)



RABBIT Research Team