Solar-pumped laser

Head of research    Dawei Liang



To largely enhance present-day solar-pumped laser collection efficiency and its beam quality


The most efficient solar-pumped lasers

 Our research on three Ce:Nd:YAG rod solar laser was reported by Senior Editor Sally Johnson   LASER FOCUS WORLD  Oct. 4   2022    

"Solar pumping converts broadband sunlight into efficient laser light"    A novel three Ce:Nd:YAG rod solar-pumped laser achieves 4.64% solar-to-laser energy conversion efficiency


NEWS BREAKS:” 1064nm solar laser achieves record power output and efficiency” our most efficient 1064nm solar laser was reported by Senior Editor Gail Overton

Laser Focus World


TV media coverage about our solar lasers

Our publication “Solar-pumped Nd:YAG laser with 31.5 W/m2 multimode and 7.9 W/m2 TEM00-mode collection efficiencies” was selected as a Key Scientific Article contributing to the excellence in energy research.

Renewable Energy Global Innovations

The fisrt fundamental-mode solar-pumped lasers by Fresnel lens

The first fundamental-mode solar-pumped lasers by heliostat-parabolic mirror solar energy collection and concentration system 

 Efficient pumping approaches for Cr:Nd:YAG solar-pumped lasers

New concepts in solar-pumped disk lasers


The first heliostat-parabolic mirror solar energy collection and concentration system in Portugal