CEFITEC pursues an active scheme on advanced scientific and technological trainning allowing students and members on their early stage careers to be taught along side with the most recent developments a par with international standards. Currently, CEFITEC hosts post-docs, researchers, an international doctoral programme and keeps regular and fruitfull interchange with several universities in Europe and overseas.

Briefly, CEFITEC's advanced training activities are:

  • Post-docs in Applied Physics, Surface Science, Atomic and Molecular Physics and Solar Laser;
  • International doctoral programme on Radiation Biology and Biophysics Doctoral Training Programme (RaBBiT)

Director: Paulo Limão-Vieira, CEFITEC, Department of Physics - FCT-UNL / Pedro Tavares, UCIBIO, Department of Chemistry - FCT-UNL / Alice S. Pereira, UCIBIO, Department of Chemistry - FCT-UNL

  • MSc programmes on scientific and technological themes within FCT/UNL;
  • Scientific and Technical Seminars;
  • Other advanced training programmes (summer schools, workshops, seminars and conferences).