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Applied Surface Science And Vacuum Technology And Metrology

Labs: 244 and 246, Ed. 1


2017  |  System for TCA extraction from cork (2,4,6 trichloroanisol)

Note: TCA is the source of common taint in wine

CEFITEC Prototype (Prof. Orlando Teodoro)


2017  |  Superheated water system to process cork



2017  |  Cylindrical Ionization gauge

CEFITEC Prototype (MSc. Ricardo Silva, Prof. Orlando Teodoro, Dr. Nenad Bundaleski)


2015  |  Mass spectrometry system for studies on cork desorption

Mass range 1 - 200 uma

CEFITEC Prototype (Prof. Orlando Teodoro, Prof.ª Ana Fonseca)


2015  |  Sensitivity testing system for refrigerant leak detectors



2015  |  Magnetic levitation - Cylindrical spinning rotor gauge

A new approach for vacuum measurement.

CEFITEC Prototype (MSc. Pedro Almeida, Prof. Orlando Teodoro)


2014  |  Experimental setup for the testing of the ion-conducting silver source (Rb Ag4 I5)

Coupled to TOF-SIMS VG Ionex

by Prof. Orlando Teodoro, Dr. Alexander Tolstogouzov


2013  |  Primary standard for reference leak calibration

(10-4 a 10-6 mbar.L.s-1)



2012  |  Experimental setup for Secondary Electron Yield (SEY) measurements

by Prof. Orlando Teodoro, Dr. Nenad Bundaleski


2011  |  Kratos XSAM 800

dedicated machine with Class 150 hemispheric analyzer

This equipment was obtained 2nd hand from the Gaule University (Sweden) and it was repaired and upgraded.

A fast entry lock chamber and a chamber to study catalysis are coupled to the System.


2011  |  Permeation cell for permeability measurements



2008  |  He leak detector Adixen and calibration standards for He leak calibration



2005  |  ToF-SIMS VG Ionex IX23LS

Liquid metal (Ga) ion gauge.

This equipment was obtained 2nd hand from the Surrey University and it was repaired and upgraded.

A fast entry lock chamber and a preparation chamber are coupled to the system.


2000  |  He leak detector Varian



1995  |  Gauge calibration set-up with rotor gauge and capacitance gauges



1994  |  Multi-technique Apparatus

This middle size UAV experimental set up was planned and built up at this Group's lab. It includes a VSW Class 100 Electrostatic analyzer, a Dual (Al, Mg) X-Ray source and an e-gun allowing X-Ray Photoelectron and Auger Spectroscopies (XPS and AES) and Work Function Microscopy (WFM). An Hiden Ar+ ion source allows Ion Scattering Spectroscopy (ISS or LEIS) and Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) with an Hiden quadrupole for positive and negative species with energy analysis by a Bessel box.

A fast entry lock chamber is coupled to the system. A sample Holder fr Fast Heating and Cooling Cycles was developed. A quartz crystal microbalance can be coupled. Gas adsorption and surface metal deposition sources can be used to modify the surface sample.

CEFITEC Prototype (Prof. Orlando Teodoro, Dr. Nenad Bundaleski)


1994  |  SUAC-Complete Ultra-High Vacuum system Leybold PV 450

Obtained through the RFA-Portugal agreement and transferred from the CFMUL/CI. Nowadays at the TMEF laboratory/ DF.




Atomic and Molecular Collisions

Lab: 123, Ed. 1


2018  |  Electron-molecule crossed beam experiment coupled with Reflectron Time-of-Flight mass spectrometer

CEFITEC (Prof. Filipe Ferreira da Silva's research team)


2004  |  Electron transfer experiment in neutral atom-neutral molecule collisions with a linear ToF mass analyzer

2012  |  Upgraded with a High-Resolution Mass Reflectron ToF Spectrometer

2016  |  Upgraded with an Energy Loss Analyzer

Crossed neutral beams experimental set-up to measure collision cross sections (10-1000 eV) equipped with a K+ energy loss analyzer. The potassium chamber is equipped wih a resonant charge exchange chamber to produce hyperthermal K neutral beams, with an energy resolution better than 0.5 eV, from a K+ commercial ion source. The collision chamber houses an effusive molecular oven for solid samples.

CEFITEC Prototype (Prof. Paulo Limão-Vieira's research team)


2016  |  He(I) Photo-electron spectroscopy PES experiment

This includes a Helium discharge map producing mainly a He a with 21.22 eV, a photoionization chamber and a 180º hemispherical analyzer.

This equipment was transferred from University of Liège (Belgium) and it was renewed.


2014  |  High Resolution Electron Energy Loss Spectrometer (HREELS)

Fully equipped with an electron monochromator delivering an energy resolution of 90-120 meV and an energy analyzer for scattered electrons from gaseous target molecules. The setup is also equipped with a relative flow technique to determine cross-section absolute values. The HREELS set up also runs in energy loss spectroscopy mode.

This equipment was transferred from University of Liège (Belgium) and it was renewed.




Laser Technology Group

Lab: 242, Ed. 1


2012  |  Direct solar tracking system for solar laser

Located on the terrace of Chemistry Building.

CEFITEC Prototype (Prof. Dawei Liang, Dr.ª Joana Almeida)


2010  |  Solar energy collection and concentration system

Solar heliostat system

Precision mechanical system for solar laser heads

Outdoor solar laser laboratory - located near Building 7


2005  |  Several solar-pumped laser prototypes

by Prof. Dawei Liang and Dr.ª Joana Almeida


2005  |  One lamp-pumped laser prototype by light guides

by Prof. Dawei Liang



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