Message from the coordinating board

We would like to welcome you to CEFITEC, Centro de Física e Investigação Tecnológica (Centre of Physics and Technological Research). We are deeply committed to the quality and relevance of physics in interdisciplinary research. We believe that high quality research is achieved by high quality and dedication of all our researchers. CEFITEC has been judged Good during the last evaluation process (2014).

Currently CEFITEC has 20 permanent PhD students and 24 academic and research staff members with some of the strongest backgrounds in their specialist fields. CEFITEC is therefore a centre of innovative research, much of which is driven by the hard work of our undergraduate and graduate students. We aim to help to develop skills which can be applied to both the academic and non-academic worlds. Through regular basis, planned courses and inter-disciplinary programmes/scholarships we encourage all participants to look beyond the boundaries of their chosen discipline, as well as sharing and broadening knowledge across disciplines through other universities and research laboratories with which we keep close contact.

Financial support is annually available through several schemes under the Portuguese National Funding Agency (FCT-MCTES) or other national or international schemes of scholarships and funds for research. Regular detailed information will be posted on this webpage.

In this webpage you will find details of our activities, and how you can benefit from them. CEFITEC operates an open door policy and you are welcome to visit us in our laboratories in the Department of Physics of FCT Blg. 1 (close to the main Faculty Library). You will find details on how to contact and reach us elsewhere in this webpage.

As a student, member or just visitor, we would like to wish you the best for your research and scientific motivations at CEFITEC and look forward to meeting you at some of our forthcoming events.

Paulo Limão-Vieira (Head of Research)
Dawei Liang (Member of Coordinating Board)
Filipe Ferreira da Silva (Member of Coordinating Board)

July 2018